Arizona Pool Builders Prices

Arizona Pool Builders Prices: Your Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Dream Oasis


With hot summers and mild winters, Arizona is an ideal location for backyard swimming pools. A pool not only enhances your property value but also provides endless entertainment for family and friends. AZ Backyard Lifestyles is a leading pool construction company in the state, dedicated to transforming your backyard into the perfect oasis. Proudly serving Paradise Valley, Carefree, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Cave Creek, Oro Valley, Litchfield Park, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to pool construction, helping you make an informed decision when working with AZ Backyard Lifestyles.

Pool Type and Size

At AZ Backyard Lifestyles, we offer a variety of pool types and sizes to suit your needs and preferences. There are three main types of pools: in-ground, above-ground, and semi-inground pools.

  • In-ground pools are the most common and versatile option. These pools are built into the ground and can be customized in various shapes, sizes, and depths, allowing for a truly unique backyard retreat.
  • Above-ground pools are a more cost-effective choice, which still offers the benefits of a pool while being easier to install and maintain. However, they have fewer customization options and a shorter lifespan.
  • Semi-inground pools are a hybrid option, providing more customization than above-ground pools and a longer lifespan.

Pool Materials

AZ Backyard Lifestyles works with the three most common pool materials: vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete, to offer you the best choice for your specific needs.

  • Vinyl pools are an economical option, consisting of a vinyl liner over a steel or polymer frame.
  • Fiberglass pools are pre-fabricated and have a smooth, non-porous surface. They require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan than vinyl pools.
  • Concrete pools, also known as gunite or shotcrete pools, are the most durable and customizable. They can be designed in any shape or size, with a wide variety of finishes. However, they require the most maintenance.

Additional Features and Amenities

At AZ Backyard Lifestyles, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of custom features and amenities to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your pool. Popular options include waterfalls, slides, hot tubs, swim-up bars, and beach entries. Additionally, we can assist with landscaping, decking, fencing, and lighting to create a complete backyard experience.

Labor and Installation

The labor and installation process for AZ Backyard Lifestyles’ pool construction depends on the complexity of the project, our expertise, and the location of your property. Our experienced team ensures your project is completed with the highest level of craftsmanship and within the agreed-upon timeline, serving communities like Paradise Valley, Carefree, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Cave Creek, Oro Valley, Litchfield Park, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe.

Maintenance and Operating Costs

Ongoing maintenance and operating costs should also be considered when planning for a pool. In Arizona, homeowners can expect to invest in pool maintenance, including chemical treatments, cleaning, and equipment repairs. Additionally, energy costs for running pool equipment should be taken into account.


Constructing a pool in Arizona can be a rewarding investment, offering a private retreat for relaxation and entertainment. By considering factors such as pool type, materials, custom features, and maintenance, you can make an informed decision when selecting a pool builder and design. AZ Backyard Lifestyles is dedicated to helping you create the perfect backyard oasis, tailored to your unique needs and preferences, and proudly serving Arizona’s premier communities. Contact us today to discuss your vision and start planning your dream pool

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