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“Discover the Benefits In-Floor Circulation & Cleaning Systems

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Discover the Benefits of hayward Infloor Circulation & Cleaning System – The Ultimate Pool Cleaning Solution!

As an official Hayward dealer , Az Backyard Lifestyles is committed to delivering the most advanced and efficient pool cleaning solutions to enhance your swimming experience and save you money in the long run. With over 30 years of combined experience in pool design and construction, we’ve built a reputation for exceptional quality, reliability, and leadership Phoenix and its surrounding areas.

Experience Automatic, Silent, Systematic, and Programmed Cleaning with Paramount Infloor

Our cleaning system features virtually invisible cleaning heads integrated into the floor, steps and benches of your pool and/or spa. These heads utilize venturi power to draw in more water and deliver superior cleaning strength with no added cost. The hayward Water Actuated Valve directs water to cleaning heads that pop up and send streams of filtered and sanitized water across the pool interior, sweeping dirt and debris into suspension for removal through the pool skimmer and upgraded drain. The valve automatically rotates cleaning heads, ensuring that the pool interior is cleaned without having to use a vaccuum.

Enjoy Superior Circulation for Sanitation and Heating

Proper circulation is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool, and the Paramount Infloor System offers Total Circulation to distribute sanitized, heated, and filtered water throughout the entire pool. This eliminates dead spots, reduces chemical usage, and saves up to 50% on heating costs, extending your swimming season and maximizing your fun.

Get a Customized Cleaning Solution for Your Pool

Hayward Infloor cleaning heads are factory-designed specifically for your pool, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning coverage. With no unsightly robots or hoses, enjoy the benefits of our automatic and patented cleaning and circulation system, including efficient chemical and heat distribution to reduce monthly operating costs.

Upgrade your pool cleaning experience with a Paramount Infloor Cleaning System – the ultimate solution for a clean, healthy, and cost-efficient pool.”


 The Paramount Infloor Cleaning System heads have a lifetime warranty, unless the pool is sold to a new owner.

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