What Size Pool Is Right For Me?

What Size Pool Is Right For Me?

Imagine transforming your backyard into your personal oasis with the perfect pool. The possibilities are endless, but choosing the right size and style for your lifestyle, space, and budget can be daunting. Worry not, because we’re here to help you navigate through this exciting journey!

At Az Backyard Lifestyles , we’re experts in crafting exceptional pools tailored to your unique needs. we’ve designed and built a diverse range of pools in Arizona, from tranquil retreats to impressive entertainment spaces and athletic lap pools.

To help you envision your ideal pool, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular sizes and styles we’ve crafted for our clients. Accompanied by captivating photo galleries, you’ll be able to visualize each pool type and discern what suits you best.

By the end of this article, you’ll not only grasp the key differences between pool styles, but you’ll also be one step closer to discovering the perfect pool size and design for your backyard oasis.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of pool possibilities? Let’s get started!

Spool Pool

As the name suggests, it’s a small pool that can also be equipped with spa-like features. You have the freedom to customize it to your liking, making it the perfect place to relax, unwind and entertain.

With the addition of a heater, jets, and benches, a Spool Pool can transform into a larger spa, perfect for those who love to pamper themselves. But if you prefer the feel of a small pool, you can add a baja shelf to create a peaceful spot to relax and soak up the sun.

Spools are a fantastic option for those who have limited space in their backyard but still want a water feature. Measuring between 20 to 22.5ft long and 10ft wide, the size can be adjusted to fit any yard. Plus, spools offer year-round usage, acting as a pool during hot summers and a spa during chilly winters.

The design options for spool pools are endless, from a serene and calming oasis to a fun and entertaining area for family and friends. You can even incorporate a jet to create a current for swimming against, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own backyard.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the Phoenix Spool. It’s the perfect example of how to maximize relaxation in a small space. Don’t let limited space hold you back from having the aquatic oasis of your dreams!

Spool Pool

Spool Pool

For whom is a spool pool suitable?

If you’re a homeowner with a small backyard or a small family seeking an intimate pool experience, a spool could be an ideal choice. Even if you have a larger yard but are budget-conscious, a spool offers a practical solution that leaves plenty of space for other outdoor activities.

A spool’s compact size means it takes up minimal space in your backyard, allowing you to use the remaining areas for other forms of entertainment or recreation. Additionally, it’s easier to maintain than larger pools, requiring less electricity, water, and chemicals, making it a more environmentally friendly option. Its smaller size also means that you’ll be able to enjoy a cozy and relaxing swimming experience with less upkeep and costs.

Cocktail Pool : A Compact Haven!

Drawing inspiration from spools in its diminutive size, a cocktail pool is a compact aquatic haven intended for relaxation and entertainment, rather than swimming. Perfect for social events or personal downtime, these plunge-style pools offer a delightful space to cool off and indulge in a refreshing cocktail. With depths typically between 3 and 5 feet, cocktail pools are significantly smaller than conventional pools, generally measuring around 24 feet in length and 12 feet in width.

Cocktail Pool

Cocktail Pool

For whom is a Cocktail Pool suitable?

A cocktail pool serves as an excellent option for homeowners seeking to optimize their pool size or introduce a compact aquatic element to their outdoor space. For those with limited backyard dimensions or spatial constraints, a cocktail pool presents an ideal solution. The design possibilities are boundless, and numerous personalization options ensure that your cocktail pool becomes the crowning jewel of your backyard oasis.

Standard Pool

An exceptional inground swimming pool, commonly referred to as a play pool, features a 75ft perimeter, signifying that it spans 75 feet around its border. Individually tailored to match personal preferences, play pools generally adopt a rectangular shape, with dimensions of 28ft in length by 14ft in width, or an innovative freeform style.

Popular depth patterns include a graduated profile, commencing at 3ft in the shallow zone, deepening to 5ft in the central area, and rising back to 4ft. An alternative sought-after design starts at 3ft in the shallow portion and extends to 5ft at the deep end. These measurements create the perfect setting for aquatic sports like volleyball and basketball, enhancing enjoyment and social interaction.

Adding Baja or Sun shelves to these pools is a favored choice, cultivating an inviting environment for recreation and amusement. As the most sought-after swimming pool dimensions, play pools seamlessly accommodate most backyards, offering a multipurpose area for an array of activities. At Az backyard Lifestyles, a standard pool package encompasses 350 square feet of decking, contributing additional zones for unwinding, repose, and hosting events.

dive into this Peoria Play Pool!

Play Pool

Play Pool

For whom is a Standard Pool suitable?

An ideal Standard pool provides a perfect balance for those desiring recreational activities and leisure within a budget-friendly range. Enjoy pool-related sports, such as pool volleyball, basketball, or swimming in this versatile play pool. To install this budget-conscious play pool, ensure your backyard can comfortably host a 12.5ft x 25ft pool size, while adhering to city regulations for pool construction and setback requirements. Embrace the delightful fusion of amusement and relaxation with this cost-effective play pool option.

Diving Pool

If you’re looking to enjoy a refreshing swim and add a bit of excitement to your pool time, a diving pool might just be the perfect option for you. Unlike play pools, diving pools are specifically designed to offer a deeper end, usually ranging from 8.5ft to 10ft, allowing you to jump, dive and even perfect your best cannonball splash.

Not only are diving pools deeper than regular pools, but they’re also larger in overall dimensions, creating a safe environment for divers. Many diving pools feature a diving board, jump rock or waterslide to make a stylish entrance into the deep end. So whether you’re a seasoned diver or just looking to have some fun, a diving pool offers a great opportunity to enjoy your time in the water.

If you want to check out a classic version of a diving pool, we highly recommend taking a look at our feature on the Buckeye Classic Clubhouse. Get ready to be inspired and start planning your perfect pool day!

Diving Pool

Diving Pool

For whom is a Diving Pool suitable?

A diving pool is an excellent choice for families and individuals who delight in diving and plunging into their pool for engaging aquatic experiences. This versatile pool design also caters to water sports enthusiasts, offering opportunities for fun-filled games like pool volleyball or basketball on the shallower side. To seamlessly accommodate both diving and water sports, a thoughtful design is crucial. With a gentle slope towards the deep end, it ensures enough shallow space for everyone to play and frolic.

To comfortably accommodate a diving pool, it’s important to have a medium to large-sized yard, providing ample room for a range of aquatic activities, while fostering a welcoming and friendly environment for family and friends to gather and enjoy.

Lap Pool

A lap pool, true to its name, is a pool specifically designed for swimming laps. These elongated pools typically range from 35ft to 40ft on average and can extend up to an impressive 75ft in length, while maintaining a narrow width. The beauty of lap pools is that their dimensions are entirely customizable, making it easy to tailor them to your outdoor space.

If you’re passionate about year-round fitness, a lap pool is an excellent addition to your Arizona home. To ensure that you can enjoy swimming in any season, consider incorporating a heating element to keep the pool warm and inviting, even during the cooler Arizona winter months.

To get a glimpse of a lap pool in action, check out this video showcasing a stunning Paradise Valley backyard. You’ll see how seamlessly a lap pool can blend into an outdoor environment, while providing an ideal space for exercise and relaxation.

Lap Pool

Lap Pool

For whom is a Lap Pool suitable?

If you’re someone who loves to exercise and wants to make the most of your pool, a lap pool might be perfect for you. Not only does it allow you to get a great workout in by swimming laps, but it can also serve as a spot to unwind and socialize after your workout.

One of the great things about lap pools is their narrow width, making them a fantastic option for people with limited backyard space. Even if your backyard is shallow, you can still take advantage of a lap pool’s length to maximize your pool space. In fact, a lap pool can be the perfect centerpiece for a larger backyard, adding style and function to your outdoor living area.

So, whether you’re looking to exercise, entertain, or simply relax in the comfort of your own backyard, a lap pool is a great choice that can accommodate your needs.

Type of Pool Typical Gallons Typical Pool Dimensions
(length x width)
Typical Depth Typical Use
Spool 6,000
20’ x 10’
22’-6” x 10’
3’ – 5’ Large Spa/Small Pool
Cocktail Pool 8,000
23’ x 12’
26’ x 13’
3’ – 5’ Small Pool
Standard Pool 12,000
28’ x 14’
30’ x 15’
3’ – 5’ Play Pool –
Swimming & Aquatic Sports
Diving Pool 23,000
35’ x 16’
38’ x 18’
3’-6” – 5’- 8’-6” Swimming & Diving
Lap Pool 16,000
36’ x 14’
40’ x 16’
3’-6” – 5’- 4’ Swimming Laps

what size pool is best for your backyard?

Are you trying to figure out what size pool is best for your backyard? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular pool styles and their typical sizes to help guide your decision.

With endless design options, it’s important to choose a pool style that fits the size of your backyard and your budget. Consider the features of your home and the activities you’d like to enjoy in your pool to help determine the right style for you.

Once you’ve selected your pool style, you can start exploring various design elements, such as pool shape and building materials. If you’re in need of inspiration, visit our learning center for our Pool Design Ideas Series.

Are you ready to bring your dream pool to life? Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled designers to get started today. We’re committed to working with you to create a pool that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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